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Welp, it looks like the Karens are coming home to roost.

On Monday night, the Sarasota County, Florida, School Board passed a resolution calling for the resignation of Klanned Karenhood—sorry—Moms for Liberty member Bridget Ziegler, whose husband, state Republican Party chairman Christian Ziegler, who is under investigation for alleged rape and sexual battery.

As we previously reported, Christian has been accused of raping a woman who Bridget said engaged in consensual sex with both herself and her husband.

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On a side note, this would be as good a time as any to remind you all that Moms for Liberty opposes teaching about different gender identities and*checks notes*—sexual orientations in schools.

From NBC News:

Ziegler has also faced criticism from those who have said she is a hypocrite because she has advocated a far-right agenda that has included being publicly against the LGBTQ community — including helping craft legislation that banned the discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity in classrooms up until third grade. Supporters said the bill was about parental empowerment, while opponents dubbed it “Don’t Say Gay.”

During the public comment period at Tuesday’s school board meeting, attendee Joyce Peralta said she did not care what consensual sexual activities Bridget Ziegler had engaged in.

“I do care,” she added, “about the campaign of hate that Bridget was happy to lead as she trained school board candidates nationwide.”

Whatever the truth is in this case, it’s clear the scandal has caused a bit of embarrassment for the school board residing in the state that is the unofficial capital of white, fragile, heteronormative, morally pseudo-superior conservative America. Of course, a resolution passed by a county school board is nonbinding, meaning Bridget isn’t legally obligated to resign, but she’s probably feeling the proverbial cold shoulder from the other board members who passed the resolution with a 4-1 vote. The only board member to vote in favor of Bridget was Bridget herself.

The Zieglers have been having a rough go of it since news of the sexual abuse allegations, which they both vehemently deny, came to light. Even Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has called for Christan’s resignation, and DeSantis never wants to cancel anyone or anythingunless its Black studies, queer studies, feminist studies, social justice studies, “woke” math booksnon-white-people-approved Black historyBlack votersBlack voter districtsfelon voters, diversity, equity, inclusion, critical thinking (or what he calls “wokeness’), and generally anything that causes white people the least bit of “discomfort.” He and the Zieglers are basically peas in a bigoted white nationalist pod. DeSantis even endorsed Bridget in her reelection campaign. But, apparently, scandals alleging deplorable behavior transcend deplorable ideology.

“It is the distraction de jour in the long list of distractions that has kept the board drama-focused instead of student-centric-focused,” said Democratic board member Tom Edwards who suggested sending a letter to DeSantis calling for him to remove Bridget from office. (The board declined to vote on that matter, according to NBC.)

Seeing as Bridget called the resolution “toothless” ahead of the vote, it doesn’t seem likely that she’ll bow to the pressure and resign. But we’ll see.


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