A video shows a white woman in Seattle calling the police on Black man Dayson Barnes for standing in front of his own home.


Terrell Owens recorded an incident with a racist "Karen" who told him, "You're a Black man approaching a white woman."

Los Angeles Clippers guard Norman Powell was at a gym in Las Vegas when he became the victim of a bizarre Karen encounter.

Charlottesville mother Melissa Riley is among other plaintiffs suing the Albemarle County School Board because she blames an anti-racism curriculum for making her biracial son identify as "just a Black man." She said it has caused "racial issues" in her home.


A white couple was reportedly "yelling racist and homophobic slurs," according to the poster of a Tik Tok video, and behaving unruly until got kicked off of a JetBlue flight in West Palm Beach, Florida. But to let one mile-high Karen tell it, they were kicked off the flight simply because they're Trump supporters. 

A Lansing, Ohio white woman is facing serious prison time after she threatened several state Representatives through voicemail.

While they never really went anywhere, Karens - white women weaponizing their privileges when it comes to exerting their purported moral authorities over people who are typically Black - are apparently making a serious comeback.


A white couple got upset when a Black man was served before them at a Hilton hotel in Rio de Janeiro on New Year’s Day. The Black man reportedly had priority as a Diamond member, but that fact didn't stop a Karen from attacking the Black man and getting her partner knocked out in the process.

After a bit of a lull in Karens, white women weaponizing their whiteness seemingly came back with a major vengeance in 2021, revealing themselves in the most likely and unlikely places, including airplanes, school board meetings and NBA games, to name a few.

Patricia Cornwall, an anti-mask "Karen" and Delta Air Lines passenger who was shown on video physically attacking at least one passenger during a flight from Tampa to Atlanta last week, is being investigated by the FBI.

Bitsy Brennan was fired from her job and her son, Edward Brennan, was arrested on assault charges after a video went viral showing them confronting Black man Johnny Martinez, who was doing his job and checking for parking permits in a parking garage in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mainstream media was gushing over Elon Musk calling Elizabeth Warren a "Karen" for putting him on blast over how much he pays in taxes, but the billionaire clearly has a warped sense of what the term actually means.