Sophia Rosing, also known as the University of Kentucky "Karen" shown on video in a racist, violent attack against a Black student, had the audacity to plead not guilty to the documented assault.

Sophia Rosing was charged for a racist attack against a Black student.

A new "Karen" video on social media shows a white woman calling the cops on Black men for *checks notes* menacingly shoveling the snow on a public sidewalk.

Caitlin Davis, the "Karen" who got into a confrontation with Terrell Owens, was cleared of a charge of lying to police about the confrontation recorded on a viral video.

A TikTok video begins with Black children crying and a man shouting to a white woman, "Welcome to the neighborhood, Karen!" 

Southwest Airlines called Nashville airport police on travelers with canceled tickets. Viral video shows they were threatened with arrest.

The latest instance of a "Karen" going wild on video came in the form of a white woman harassing a Black man at a football game.

Kylah Spring said she's not surprised at all.

A new video from an Uber driver showing a racist attack by his passenger sparked speculation the "Karen" is not a white woman after all.

A white woman has been banned from using Uber after she launched a racist attack against her Black driver during a Karen moment on video.

University of Kentucky student Sophia Rosing was arrested after a video showed her attacking and using racial slurs against Kylah Spring.

Caitlin Davis, the woman who told Terrell Owens, “You’re a Black man approaching a white woman,” has been charged with a crime.