Mary Holmes held a Black woman delivery woman at gunpoint because she was "terrified."

A TikTok video shows a racist Karen at a Dollar General store threatening and making racist comments at a Black employee. Yes, at a Dollar General store.

A video posted to Reddit shows a white woman channeling her inner Karen while harassing and threatening to "run over" a group of teens for playing in the neighborhood.


A privileged white woman traveler whose flight was diverted from Hawaii downplayed the deadly wildfires because her Maui vacation was canceled, video shows.

A white couple in a Las Vegas casino is shown on a viral video attacking a nonviolent Black man with racial slurs and other hateful speech. Where's a folding chair when you need one?

The New Orleans Museum of Art defended appointing Amanda Maples.

Lois Banner said her career would've been better if she wasn't white.

He was very close to calling her "Karen."

A video posted to TikTok shows a Black man and a white woman he refers to as his "first Karen," who he accuses of trespassing in his home.

Ajike "AJ" Owens' family is demanding action.

A white woman shown on video appearing to try to steal a Citi Bike from a Black male was identified on social media as Sarah Jane Comrie.

Rita Bellew, 55, has been charged with ethnic intimidation and harassment after a racist rant caught on video in a Pennsylvania pizzeria.