Indiana State University student Asa Blanton appeared to respond to Beyonce's country album by declaring that Black people can't be country.


Harris-Stowe State University was found to have discriminated based on race and gender.

Cait Corrain posted fake, negative reviews for books written by Black and brown authors.

Fans asked why a "random" white woman was also featured.


A Black woman delivery driver for Amazon shown on video being attacked by a white woman in Texas is planning legal action and asking for help identifying “the Karen who attacked me.”

The latest viral Karen video shows a white woman telling Black people they're "lucky to be" in the U.S. and not in "a dust pool in Africa."

The latest viral "Karen" video was recorded in a Walmart and shows a white woman worker falsely accusing Black customers of having "drug money" and treating the store like a "playground."

Janee Jewell Plummer was arrested in Portland after punching a Black security guard who tried to stop her from shoplifting.

Connecticut Karen couple Robert Shaw and Sherri Bourgeois-Williams of Middletown, Connecticut, were arrested after a video showed them harassing Puerto Rican landscaper Jose Martin.

Brianna Pinnix, a white woman dubbed "Train Karen," was fired after a video showing her harassing "German" passengers with a xenophobic rant went viral.

Mary Holmes held a Black woman delivery woman at gunpoint because she was "terrified."

A TikTok video shows a racist Karen at a Dollar General store threatening and making racist comments at a Black employee. Yes, at a Dollar General store.