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Continuing with my trend of being an insecure, egomaniacal narcissist, I found myself reading the comments on one of my posts this morning when something written by XL_611; some odd white guy with the gall to be posting on a Black news site, struck me as, if not original, then at least worth examining.

Before I continue, let me say this though: I’m no huge fan of Black people. Black people, quite often, make me sick. Sometimes I find myself watching one thinking, “Must you look like that?”

The problem is, Blacks are the only “people” I’ve ever considered to be actual and authentic members of the human family.

So how does this mean that I regard all the other races of people in creation? I don’t actually. Like I said, I don’t think of them as “people” really. I consider them curiosities. Case studies. Foreign objects to be appraised for their ability to entertain and amuse me.

Sometimes I like their movies and their music and their books and their songs and I point at them and laugh when they’re good at sports.

They are to be enjoyed when one can, scorned when one must, but certainly and eternally kept at a distance.

That’s probably pretty racist.

That means I’m a racist. And I probably shouldn’t be ok with that.

But that was the point.

Is it ok or even more ok for Blacks to be racist?

Of course, a lot of Black people would argue that yes, it is at least more ok for Blacks to be racist because we’ve got history on our side which would render our racism as reactionary at best.

We could argue that whites were proactively racist and totally unjustified when enslaving us and continue to argue that although slavery as a practice is not exclusive to the history of Black people, that the history of the transatlantic slave trade and the treatment of Black slaves in America reached new lows in terms of sadism and psychological abuse.

This argument would indeed make it seem like we have more reasons to be racist, but do we have more of a right?

Here’s a Catch-22: if you’d argue that we should be “better” than white people by not being racist then you’re being racist.

And don’t give me any more of that “Blacks can’t be racist cause we don’t have power; to be racist, you gotta have power,” crap.

Try telling Toussaint L’ouverture, Nat Turner, Larry Davis or Colin Ferguson that they were “powerless” against white people.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to work on getting myself a ‘healing’.

Rereading my own thoughts, I’ve found little solace even in my honesty.

Being a racist just isn’t cool at all.

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