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From Katt Williams spilling the tea on “Club Shay Shay” to Yasin Bey, aka Mos Def, calling Drake’s music “shopping with an edge,” we’ve kicked 2024 off with conversations that are making others the butt of the joke. While that is a part of comedy, what happens when our entire culture is fueled by being mean? “In this world of mendacity, which is meanness, it is revolutionary to choose kindness” – Amanda Seales

As the world gets meaner, it almost feels as though there is no room for kindness or that being kind will be seen as a weakness and prevent you from getting where you want to be. On the latest episode of the Small Doses podcast with Amanda Seales, Emmy-nominated actress Yvette Nicole Brown, known for her roles in hit shows like “Community,” “The Mayor” and “Drake & Josh” joins the show.


Yvette Nicole Brown sits down on the pink couch to talk to Amanda about how choosing kindness made all the difference in life and career. Brown has found a way to navigate her career without having to revert to being mean. In fact, she shares that when met with aggression, she opts for a “Tabitha Brown” type of gathering instead of bringing out the East Cleveland in her to get people in line. The two talk about everything from how to be kind in Hollywood to who they’re not voting for in the 2024 Presidential Elections.

The Difference Between Being Mean And Being Passionate

Yvette and Amanda take us on a journey through politics, how Black women are treated in Hollywood, and the challenges they’ve faced in their careers. Amanda shared how she’s been perceived as being a mean person when what we saw was her passion. As someone who has known Amanda for a while, Yvette gives her a perspective about what she’s seen from Amanda over the years and how it relates to what many Black women feel when existing in spaces occupied by people who don’t understand her.

The conversation takes a different conversation about the upcoming elections and the difference between Black leaders looking to protect their wealth vs Black leaders looking to protect the Black community. From kindness to the latest headlines in the news, Amanda Seales and Yvette Nicole Brown talk about everything from Yvette’s acting career and why she advocates for Kindness to who they’re not voting for in the upcoming elections.

Listen to the full episode of Small Doses: Side Effects of Kindness Yvette Nicole Brown here, to learn what genuine forgiveness looks like and how to forgive while holding others accountable.


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