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One Vote 2024: Urban One Launches Initiative To Empower Black Voters

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Urban One will launch the One Vote – Represent The Vote, a multimedia campaign that will be broadcast on all Urban One, Inc. assets – TV One, Reach Media, iOne Digital and 64 local urban radio stations to increase Black voter registration and turnout in the 2024 elections.

The One Vote – Represent The Vote campaign will be designed to educate and engage the media companies’ vast Black and urban audience on critical political issues through the use of entertainment and events. It is an example of how collaboration, technology and movement can work together to empower and inspire communities to be better civically engaged within their communities.

Urban One will also be partnering with Politiscope, which exists to instill confidence in voters by educating them with factual, reliable and easy-to-understand political information in a central location. Their main goal is to change the perception of politics and reshape the way political information is sought out and consumed.

The campaign will start with four months of voter awareness centered around the primaries, followed by information on how and where you can register to vote.

Below is information to help you better understand the primary process as well as voter registration links.

What is a primary election?

A primary is a contest where voters cast ballots for their political party’s preferred candidate(s) running in upcoming local, state and/or national general elections. Both Democrats and Republicans have primaries with incumbents (the elected officials currently holding the seat) and typically don’t have serious challengers. A primary shouldn’t be confused with a caucus, like the contests in Iowa and Nevada where the nominating process included a show of hands or openly supporting candidates during an arranged meeting time and location. Another difference between the two is that with primaries, the state government manages the entire process while the state Party handles the caucuses.

If you would like to see when the primary in your state will be held, click here to see the primary calendar.

How to register to vote

While many Americans are already registered to participate in the 2024 election, we know there are still quite a few unregistered voters who wish to voice their choice.

Historically, to register to vote you had to fill out a physical form and mail it in, but not anymore. In select districts, you can register to vote online and through several websites.

Now, registering to vote is as easy as reaching for your smartphone and completing the process from the palm of your hand.

Click here to register to vote.


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