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In this era, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to determine what’s real, what’s a skit and what is an outright scam on social media. Sure, fake date arguments intended to spark online debates, podcast feuds designed to create a narrative and the like.. surely no one would fake an actual assault.. or would they?

According to Houston police — yes.

You see, on Sept. 3, 2023, Texas authorities responded to an aggravated assault incident. Upon their arrival, they met Roda Osman and her female friend. Osman told cops a tale of drunkenness, assault, kidnapping and attempted human trafficking.

During the investigation, officers reported that Osman was intoxicated, hostile and irate. In the original police report made at the scene, Osman claimed that she was walking on Schumacher Lane where an unknown man threw a brick at her when she would not give him her phone number, court documents show. She also told officers she had ordered an Uber and believed the brick-throwing suspect was the Uber driver. Osman said she got into the car with him where he then tried to kidnap her, according to documents. Osman stated the suspect was involved in human trafficking and had a large group of women in the car with him. – NBC

The 33-year-old woman also released a video showing herself – face fully swollen and all – tearfully explaining the ordeal. She’d later rake in cash on GoFundMe from sympathetic people horrified by her ordeal.

But the sympathy was short-lived. Osman has now been charged with felony theft by deception. Court documents say Osman raised at least $40,000 after appearing in the viral video during which she claimed to be the victim of a vicious attack by a strange man wielding a brick.

Not only that, authorities allege that this isn’t Osman’s first time making fake allegations. To make matters worse, she’s apparently decided she no longer wants to turn herself in to police and a felony warrant has been issued.

Click 2 Houston reported that Osman’s friend spoke out:

The friend stated off the record that she did not believe Osman was hit with a brick, according to charging documents.

The friend told detectives the suspect who allegedly assaulted Osman got out of their vehicle, got into another vehicle, and drove off. She said Osman went live on Instagram and that she tried to convince Osman to call the police.

The friend said she did not know the two men she got into the car with and would not be able to positively identify the suspects involved, according to documents.

What a way to kick off the new year.


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