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Let me start off by thanking everyone who supported Obama this election. All of the creative things that people did to show off their admiration, dedication and belief in our 44th President are greatly appreciated.

That said there were several ways that people supported Obama that can be described as ‘ghetto,’ not that that’s a bad thing, but several of the more unconventional ways of supporting Obama are more in line with support of a rapper, athlete or entertainer. Here or some of the more ghetto or to use a euphemism, unconventional ways that people have used to elect our 44th President.

2. The Obama Watch

There was no better way of telling the world that you know what time it is than the Obama watch. Who needs a Rolex or a Tag Huer when you could have the biracial inspiration of the world on you wrist.

3. The Obama Tattoo

Although putting Obama on your arm forever is a show of extreme dedication to his worldview and policies, it could harm you with future employers (if they’re Republican). Still having Obama on your arm is much more positive than having a naked lady, gun, or weed sign tattooed on you forever.

4. The Obama Thong

Sex may be a driving factor for males and females alike. Any extra inspiration for people to vote for Obama is greatly appreciated.

5. The Obama Bong

While Obama may have experimented with marijuana as a youth and has had the support of marijuana smokers around the world, I doubt we would’ve have authorized the Obama bong. Still if the Obama bong helped rally the weedhead demographic it was a greatly appreciated tool.

6. Obama Rims

If you spend 5,000 dollars to roll on dubs you might as well show your support for your favorite Presidential candidate. While it isn’t hard to put a positive spin on an Obama Presidency, the rims are still helpful. Many other people used their cars to support Obama in other creative ways as well.

7. Obama Beer

The people in Kenya were so supportive of Obama that they made a beer for him. If you are going to spend money to get wasted you might as well show your support for the half Kenyan politician who has given hope to Africa and the world.

8. Obama Graffiti

Whether authorized or unauthorized, street art for Obama has been a phenomenon across the world. It has helped keep his grass roots support in inner cities all over the planet.

9. Obama Baby Tees

While most men are intelligent enough to support Obama for his ideology and policies, several others need that extra boost. Attractive women with nicely proportioned bodies always getting attention. Translating that attention to Obama has been an excellent thing.

10. Obama Haircuts

If you really believe shaving an emblem into your head is the fashion statement you want to make, I could not think of a better emblem than Obama. That’s a hairstyle you can believe in.

Bonus: Obama Sneakers

If you are going to spend $200 on sneakers, you might as well make a political statement while you’re at it. Way before Obama was elected he had his own Air Force 1.

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