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Donald Trump Jr Testifies For The Defense In Trump Organization Civil Fraud Trial

Donald Trump Jr. sits in the courtroom with attorney Christopher Kise (L) for his civil fraud trial at New York State Supreme Court on November 13, 2023, in New York City.  | Source: Michael M. Santiago / Getty

During the Super Bowl, Donald Trump Jr. took to social media to remind us all that conservatives don’t really understand comedy, and that he’s just as racist, misogynistic and infantile as his father.

Trump Jr. shared a photo on Instagram of former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Levon Kirkland with the caption: “I found this rare Michelle Obama rookie card.”

Trump Jr., ever the coward, made sure to deflect defamatory blame by claiming on the Instagram post he was “told that this is a joke, so please treat it accordingly though I personally am not 100% sure.”

As many of you know, for as long as they’ve known the name “Obama,” white people, especially white men, have had things to say about the former First Lady’s appearance, including that she looks like an ape, that she’s really a trans woman, and, well, basically everything they’ve also said about Serena Williams and will say about every other Black woman who they don’t perceive as feminine.

In this instance, it’s almost as if Trump Jr. had that photo of Kirkland saved in his phone waiting for the perfect moment to make his stale joke about Michelle, who, as usual, was just somewhere minding her business likely unaware that she owns a free timeshare inside Trump Jr.’s head. Apparently, the Super Bowl was the perfect opportunity for him to slap together a childish, completely unclever jokey-joke involving a player from a team that hasn’t been to the Super Bowl in more than a decade and a First Lady who hasn’t been in the White House in the better part of a decade—because, again, conservatives don’t understand humor enough to be timely.

Setting aside that Michelle is objectively one of the more attractive First Ladies in American history, it just shows the boundlessness of caucasity when a guy whose father famously looks like a Tang-flavored Jabba the Hutt is coming for anyone’s appearance.

Anyway, folks on X were quick to call out Jr.’s glaring misogynoir.

Here’s the thing, Trump Jr. knows he can only tell his Comedy Def Klan jokes to his fellow Caucasian MAGA buddies if he’s hoping to get a laugh. He couldn’t come around Black people with that nonsense, not because we’d get offended, but because that white boy would get roasted until he was his father’s rust-orange complexion.

Can’t you just see it now?

Scene: Donald Trump Jr. walks into a Black barbershop.

Jr.: “Michelle Obama looks like an NFL linebacker!”

Us: “Bruh, I know you ain’t talkin’ while you’re walking around with yo mama’s neckbeard!”

“Fool, your whole family looks inbred. Yo’ daddy been talking about dating your sister since she was born!”

“Booooy, if you don’t get your pasty, fugly, aging like a grape off the vine-ass on somewhere!”

“At least Michelle can get her spouse to hold her hand. We been telling Melania to blink once if she’s been kidnapped for eight years now. Chill!”

“Your pops looks like the Mad Magazine kid all grown up. You’re coming for Michelle like your father doesn’t have a butthole in the middle of his face, sir. Stop it!”

I’m just saying, roasting any Trump would be light work. The jokes tell themselves. Meanwhile, only white men whose mothers have fuller mustaches than them think Michelle Obama is anything less than beautiful.

It’s the caucasity for me.


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