Donald Trump Jr. posted a meme directed at Fani Willis and Nathan Wade that read, "Call of Booty: Modern Whorefare."

Donald Trump Jr. claimed during a podcast appearance that African American men regularly walk up to him and say he's their "hero."

During the Super Bowl, Donald Trump Jr. made a racist and misogynistic comment comparing Michelle Obama to an NFL player.

In today's episode of 'The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Orange Tree,' emails from a lawsuit have revealed that Donald Trump Jr. is racist. 


Donald Trump Jr. claimed Salvador Ramos would have committed the "same" Uvalde shooting with a bat or machete.


Even Meghan McCain wore out Donald Trump Jr.


Donald Trump Jr.‘s idiocy strikes again. He now has a defense for his father’s racism — his dad allowed him to play video games with the late Michael Jackson. SEE ALSO: Michael Moore Begs Michelle Obama To Run For President: ‘She’s The One Person Who Could Crush Trump’ In excerpt from Donnie Jr.’s new book […]

Kanye West is getting free press everywhere but Donald Trump Jr. has a conspiracy theory that the rapper is being silenced.

Cory Booker took up for Kamala Harris after her strong debate performance prompted Donald Trump Jr. to promote a racist tweet about her racial background.

The Mueller Report confirms that an unqualified president can commit the most serious political crimes in plain view while joining with a foreign power to stir up already latent racism and face zero consequences because so many people want to maintain their white power.