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Social networks can be a great way to get the word out about events you’re planning, from house parties and get-togethers with friends, but also to rallies, marches, and civil protests. By allowing you to create event pages, sites like Facebook and BlackPlanet make it quick and easy to tell a large group of people what you’re doing and get them to participate. Inspired by the recent student walk-out in New Jersey, started by one 18-year-old’s Facebook page, here’s how YOU can get started:

On Facebook:

If not one of the 400 + million, join Facebook at  It’s free. Once logged in, on the left side of your Facebook homepage, click Events.

Once you’re at the Events screen, click Create an Event in the upper right corner.

From here, follow the steps provided by Facebook. Fill in your the name, time, date, and address of your event, and select the privacy level. Choose “open” for events you want any and everyone to be able to see and invite others to, choose “closed” if you want control over who gets invited, and choose “secret” for events you don’t want to show up in people’s profiles (such as surprise parties).

After you complete Step 1, you can add details to the event page such as a photo and a description. You can also determine what features will appear on the page, such as guest list, wall, or a photo album.

After saving your details, you’ll be taken to a screen that will let you choose which of your friends to invite to your event, and then you can preview your event page before posting it.

Once the page is completed, you can continue to use it to send updates and other messages to all invited guests so that they always have the latest information.

Inspired? To see the Event Page for the NJ Student Walk-Out, click here.

On BlackPlanet:

Bulletins are a great way to let all of your friends on BP know about upcoming events you’re planning, and how they can get involved. Posts on your bulletin board are easy to create, and they get blasted out to all of your contacts on the network. Here’s how to post a bulletin:

On the left side of your BlackPlanet homepage, click “Bulletin Board.”

When you reach the Bulletin Board main page, click the blue “Post A Bulletin” button.

From there, all you have to do is input the event information that you want to reach all of your friends. You can include an event description, the date, time, place, and anything else guests will need to know.

After you input the information, click “Post Bulletin” and all of your friends will instantly receive your update!


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