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If you want to know what people think about the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico all you need to do is take a look at the web. Social networks like face book and Twitter are over flowing with angry comments, most directed at oil giant British Petroleum. Mainstream media organizations have picked up on some of the comments, giving users an even louder voice. –News One Staff
From the New York Times:

With the consequences of the Gulf of Mexico’s oil spill seeming to worsen by the day, expressions of outrage and anguish over the disaster are mounting in the online universe.

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In addition to thousands of stories on the spill from traditional media sources, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are alight with posts from government, the oil industry and citizens around the globe.

“Someone said BP must not be let off the hook. I agree,” the Environmental Protection Agency’s administrator, Lisa Jackson, tweeted on Saturday.

BP in particular is being hammered by critics all over the Web, with thousands of posts on Twitter and Facebook slamming the company for its failure to prevent the disaster and its inability to stanch the flow of oil from their well nearly two weeks after the accident.

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