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Steven Fuller, suspect in hit and run of Black woman in Jemison, Alabama

Steven Fuller. | Source: Chilton County Sheriff’s Office

A Black woman was intentionally struck by a white driver in Alabama who fled a hit-and-run scene before returning later only for the police to delay his arrest on Thursday, according to the victim’s sister who documented the scene in graphic video footage posted to social media.

The video, recorded in the small city of Jemison, showed a small pool of blood on the ground of an apparent church parking lot that the woman recording said was from her sister after the driver, identified as Steven Fuller, “decided to run her over.”

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The woman recording said she had been on the scene for more than an hour demanding Fuller’s arrest to no immediate avail.

“I want to know why no one is in handcuffs,” the woman recording asks an officer as the suspect is shown in the background calmly smoking a cigarette.

The officer responded that he was “waiting” on a state trooper, prompting the woman recording to ask incredulously: “You guys can’t arrest him?” She said Fuller, 25, should be arrested for “attempted murder.”

She explained that her sister was “airlifted” to UAB Hospital in Birmingham after Fuller’s pickup truck collided with her sister’s car. The woman recording said her sister got out and told Fuller he hit her.

“Then he proceeded to hit my sister” with his pickup truck, the woman recording says. She credited “angels on the scene” who “were able to track him down” after he “ran over my sister.”

She added: “He fled the scene, they went and got him and brought him back to the scene, he has yet to be arrested.”

In the video, an unidentified officer with the Jemison Police Department refused to arrest Fuller, let alone even handcuff and detain a suspect accused of fleeing a hit and run that caused personal injury, which is a felony in the state of Alabama.

“I want to know why this man has not been arrested,” the woman recording repeated before the officer told her to stop “hollering.”

Watch the video below:



According to the Chilton County Sheriff’s Office, Fuller was charged with aggravated assault and granted a bond of $5,000, not attempted murder as the victim’s sister was demanding.

It was not immediately clear what the maximum punishment for an aggravated assault is in Alabama.

The booking information also credited the Jemison Police Department as the agency that arrested Fuller, contradicting claims from the Jemison police officer on the scene that he had to wait to make an arrest.

The situation in Jemison was just the latest in a bad streak of unfortunate police activity in Alabama.

Earlier this week, Alabama police bodycam footage shows a white cop who forcefully entered a Black woman’s home and assaulting her in front of her child even though nshe was the one who called 911 to report her neighbor’s loud music. Her lawyers attributed the brutal treatment to “racism.”

In December, Micah Washington – a Black man shown on video being brutally tased by a Reform, Alabama, police officer – had charges dropped against him after it was determined a “drug” he was accused of possessing wasn’t actually a drug at all.

That same month, the family of an unarmed Black man who lawyers say was tased to death by police in Alabama has filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Mobile and the two officers involved.

Bodycam video footage was also released in May 2023 showing Alabama cops using a police dog to attack an unarmed Black man they were already brutalizing at his home in 2021.

And not to be outdone, in Childersburg, Alabama, a Black pastor was arrested in 2022 while watering his neighbor’s flowers at the request of the neighbor, who was out of town.

This is Alabama, but this is also America.


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