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In The Isis Papers, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing argued that the real terror produced by the idea of the Black man’s genitalia wasn’t due to it’s mythological size but because of it’s ability to produce Black babies.

A Black man that sires children with a woman of any nationality will produce what are considered to be, by American standards at least, Black children.

Now, while Black women always produce Black children too, the gestation period for a woman prevents her from producing kids as rapid-fire as a man might.

And who knows? Maybe the good doctor is right.

What else would explain the unmitigated image of the Black man as a raging sexual boogeyman?

Why is it that every time a Black man is accused of a sex crime we collectively cringe first and doubt second—that is, if we ever even get around to doubting at all?

If history has proven anything, it’s that all men have the same sexual interests, proclivities and perversions.

Yet for some reason, I imagine that if Ben Roethlisberger were Black, he’d have never needed a second sexual assault accusation filed against him for the NFL (and law enforcement) to step in and take action.

I believe that if, say, the Five-Percent Nation had even one incident of reported pedophilia, then the whole religion would have been shut down and not just the accusers quieted as we’ve seen with the Catholic Church.

I believe that if, say, Smokey Robinson had been found to possess child pornography on his computer like Pete Townshend of the iconic rock group The Who, poor Smokey would be doing some time right now and he certainly wouldn’t have performed at the Super Bowl.

Now, I’m not writing all of this to shift the blame from Black to white or even to suggest that Lawrence Taylor’s clown ass, if guilty, shouldn’t fry.

But if what reportedly took place in American slave quarters has taught us anything, it’s that any man, if unencumbered by morality, religion or virtue, would do sexually just about whatever he felt that he could get away with.