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Earlier this month, I wrote about how sports analyst and wannabe-white nationalist Jason Whitlock can’t manage to be a fanboy for women’s basketball phenom Caitlin Clrk without thumbing his MAGA butt-sniffing nose at Black woman athletes like Angel Reese and Brittney Griner. Whitlock was shedding wannabe-white tears on Clark’s behalf because, in his sunken mind, the WNBA draftee who has gotten far more praise than hate in the media and on social media, has been the victim of “racists” who just can’t stand to see “normal” looking white women get their shine, and, of course, he turned right around an insulted Black female ballers, whom he mocked for “listening to rap music” and described as “masculine” and “all tatted up.” Days later, Whitlock told Reese she needed to “cover up” after seeing her luxurious and low-cut WNBA Draft outfit, but he said nothing about Clark or other white draftees who were showing just as much skin.

Well, on Friday, Whitlock continued his campaign of transparent misogynoir and white woman fetishizing by setting his sights on Olympic gymnast Simone Biles and implying that the most decorated gymnast in history, with 37 World and Olympic medals, isn’t as well-known as his new Caucasian crush Clark, who hasn’t been in media headlines for nearly as long as Biles.

“Simone Biles is pretending like she’s Caitlin Clark and that people actually know who she is,” Whitlock said on his Fearless podcast. “She’s built up this importance of herself and does things to make herself feel important.”

“She’s a gymnast and every four years they are relevant for a two or three-week stretch,” he continued. “But Simon Biles could walk by the overwhelming majority of people in an airport and they wouldn’t think twice – ‘oh there goes a little black girl’. They just wouldn’t think twice.”

Whitlock’s clear expression of anti-Black delusion came in response to a recent interview Biles sat down for, during which she recalled her fears of returning to the U.S. after she withdrew from the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.

“America hates me. The world is going to hate me. I can only see what they’re saying on Twitter right now,” she said of her feelings at the time.

Whitlock, of course, was one of the many right-wing media personalities who came down hard on Biles after she made the decision to protect her mental health by stepping away from the Olympics. In fact, the fine folks on X noted that he obsessively reported on the woman he is now pretending is virtually unknown in the public eye as opposed to Clark, who Whitlock clearly believes is the second coming of his beloved White Jesus and a universal household name. (Look, I don’t have an issue with Clark, but a year or so ago, I absolutely could have walked past her at Trader Joe’s without noticing her as she blended into the collective of white women who frequent the store.)

Actually, people on the digital gathering space formerly known as Black Twitter have been having a field day dragging the house slave (see what I did there?) with many users noting that Whitlock would be far less noticeable at an airport than Biles. (He probably wouldn’t blend in as much as he would at a Black Klansmen convention or Mr. Potato Head lookalike contest, but still.)

Some noted that Whitlock absolutely knows what a sports icon Biles is widely recognized as, but he has to downplay it to appease his white conservative audience of Klan stans and KK-Karens, who would pat him on the head like the loyal Black lapdog he is.

Whether Whitlock actually believes his wish-he-was-white nonsense or not, it is clear that he has dedicated his platform to dry-humping whiteness while rebuking Blackness and everything celebrated in Black culture.

What a pathetic way to make a living.


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