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By Earl Ofari Hutchinson

The cameras honed in on the Reverend Al Sharpton as he led thousands to the Arizona state capitol building in Phoenix in an old fashioned, energetic, shouting, chanting, sign and banner carrying civil rights style march. The marchers demanded repeal of Arizona’s hotly contested, controversial immigration law.

Meanwhile, on the periphery of the march, a small band of counter protestors shouted, hooted, and hectored Sharpton and the other marchers. Their action drew almost no news mention. However, their counter-protest was different. They were mostly African-American. The temptation is to laugh off their pro Arizona immigration law countermarch as a comic, sideshow, media attention grab. After all Sharpton, President Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus, all major civil rights groups and nearly all local black Democratic state and local officials unequivocally champion immigration reform and oppose the Arizona law.

But many blacks don’t agree with them.

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