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Michael Mineo, a Brooklyn Tattoo artist, who was allegedly sodomized with a police baton by police officers on October this year was taunted by plain clothes police officers in court earlier this week.

Mineo stared down the three officer who were accused of sodomizing him. Plain clothes officers began to taunt him and call him a f—t. Mineo responded by blowing kisses at the cops.

A Brooklyn grand jury has voted to indict Police Officer Richard Kern for allegedly sodomizing Michael Mineo, 24, of Brooklyn on a subway platform, with a metal baton. Kern is being charged with aggravated sexual abuse and assault.

DNA evidence of the Mineo’s was found on equipment on Kern. Officers Alex Cruz and Andrew Morales are charged with hindering prosecution and official misconduct. Mineo charges that officers pinned him down and Richard Kern sodomized him with the baton after he fled the officers for smoking marijuana outside a subway station in Brooklyn. This is not the first time a minority was sodomized by an NYPD officer.

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