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Today I received two drastically different stories, both casting blame for Aiyana Jones’, the 7-year-old Black girl who was killed by the police in Detroit, death. While obviously the police are directly to blame, there are definitely other factors. The first story is from Black Voices, which partially blames the house she was living in and her environment for her killing.

Officer Joseph Weekley, a 14-year police veteran, to fire when the Detroit Special Response Team raided the house early Sunday, police officials say. “The first time I seen her was on the news,” he said, adding that a suspicious crowd typically used the home as a hangout.

They say the family has lived there for about two years and Chauncey Owens, the man police were looking for when the stray bullet hit Jones, was known for terrorizing the neighborhood. “Soon as they moved over here, you didn’t even want to sit outside anymore,” said one neighbor, who chose not to give his name to Black Voices. “If he [Owens] said something to you, you just let it go, because you already know how he is.”

Neighbors on the street say Aiyana’s house was always congested in the front and rowdy, with loud cars idling in the street. Another resident, who also chose anonymity, said, “Since the media is here they aren’t out like that anymore I guess because [their] boys are gone.”

Activist, Carl Dix has a different point of view. He blames Aiyana’s Death on capitalism in a recent video blog.


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