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We’re used to students harassing each other, but this might take the communion cake: two public high school teachers in Pompano Beach have been accused of sprinkling holy water on a colleague after she confessed herself an atheist.

Leslie Rainer and Djuna Robinson, both 20-year veterans at their alma mater Blanche Ely, have been reassigned as the school district investigates the incident as a religious bullying.


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Ely’s student, Toni Calloway, told that Schandra Rodriguez’s class was having a discussion on religion during third period on March 11 when the two overheard Rodriguez tell the class she does not believe in God.

“Ms. Rainer, she was trying to tell [Ms. Rodriguez] not to say that she doesn’t believe in God in front of students, like don’t talk about religion in front of the kids,” Calloway recalled.


That’s when, according to the teachers’ attorney Johnny McCray, a student piped up and said, “We should sprinkle her with some holy water.”

Rodriguez reported that her fellow teachers did just that; McCray admits Rainer produced what he described as a bottle of perfume, but said her actions were “in jest.”

“There was no attempts to douse, nor faking as though I am going to douse,” he said. “Nothing whatsoever.”

The district declined further comment but indicated that if the investigation confirms Rodriguez’s account, the two accused may find themselves in unemployment purgatory.


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