An Open Letter to My Aunt (A Hillary Supporter)



It has come to my attention that you do not intend to vote for Barack Obama this November and you are even considering voting for John McCain. I am deeply disturbed by your decision. I know I may have rubbed it in your face a little when Obama won and treated it like the Red Sox vs The Yankees rather than two legitimate political candidates battling over who would represent their party. I apologize for my behavior.

I know you related to Hillary Clinton. I know at your job you were passed up on being promoted by unqualified males. I know how much having a woman president would have meant to you.

Hillary Clinton ran one hell of a campaign. By being the favorite in the race and holding her own against a very smart inspirational candidate, a once-in-a-lifetime guy, she will forever have her place in history.

However, Barack Obama won fair and square. He didn’t win by using negative attack ads and being disrespectful or sexist: he won by using his wits, speeches and organization. There was a lot of bad blood in the campaign on both sides but it’s time we put our differences aside.

I’m perplexed that you would even consider voting for John McCain. This is not a time to hold grudges. The fate of the world is in our hands this year. Do you really think McCain is a better candidate than Obama?

McCain is a proven misogynist. He famously called his wife a ‘cunt’ for making a joke about him balding and he volunteered her to be in a wet t-shirt contest. When a supporter of his called Hillary a ‘bitch’, he laughed it off and said it was a good question. He called Chelsea Clinton ugly and said her father was Janet Reno.

I know you thought it was time to have an independent, intelligent woman as President but, unfortunately, a man came along who was able to overcome considerable odds and inspire a nation. If it is any consolation, we will still have a strong independent, intelligent woman in the white house: Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama has the possibility of playing an extremely important role in the Presidency much like Eleanor Roosevelt or Hillary Clinton and unlike Cindy McCain, who has played the role of a silent trophy wife.

If you really believed in Hillary, you would take her advice and support Obama. If you look at their policies, Obama and Clinton have very few differences. They both want to repeal the Bush tax cuts; they both want to bring the troops home; they both are for universal healthcare. Do you really want to vote for McCain just to spite the Obama supporters and keep us in this messed up economy and in this unjust war? Were you voting for Hillary because of her policies or just because she is a woman?

You’ve worked very hard to get your house and savings. Do want to lose them because of McCain’s economic plan just because your girl didn’t get her shot? Your two sons would be eligible for the draft. Do you want them to risk their lives for a war you don’t believe in just because you thought Obama stole Hillary’s thunder?

This isn’t a popularity contest and it’s not time to let your feelings get in the way of our future. Why don’t you find out more about Barack Obama? Read his book, watch his speeches; I think you’ll like him. Not voting or voting for McCain will only set women, this country and the world back. If Obama lost to Hillary, I would be rallying for her with the hope that she could provide an alternative to these past 8 years of war, debt and poverty – something which McCain would definitely keep us in.

Please, for our family, for your children, for our future, for women, for men, for the world, vote for Barack Obama.

The future of the world is at stake.

Love Always


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