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When former Republican Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan said “America has been the best country on earth for black folks” and “no people anywhere have done more to lift up blacks than white Americans”, you can be sure that he believed every word.

As recently as 2004, the typical Black family earned only 58% of what the typical white family earned, a full 5% less than the percentage of white income that a Black family earned way back in 1974.

Even if the Blacks and whites are similarly educated, the white male still out earns the Black male by 30%.

Take a look at some of the most well-known Black entrepreneurs who dodged poverty:

The Black poverty rate, though down considerably since the early 1990s, was at a still astonishing 24.7% in 2008.

Among the myth-based mindsets that even non-virulently racist whites can’t seem to shake is that welfare is a predominantly Black phenomenon.

Meanwhile, most Blacks know by now that purely from a gross numerical standpoint, way more whites are on welfare than Blacks.

Add to that the fact that white America’s awe for white wealth—regardless of its source—doesn’t extend to Black wealth.

Mafia members, bootleggers and stock market fixers are all respected for their ingenuity and only loathed when they get caught.

This is the reason that Bernie Madoff could run his fraudulently-gotten gains up to 65 billion but 5 grams of crack will get a Black kid 5 years mandatory the very first time he gets busted.

So why are so many Black people poor?

Well simply stated, the “Buchanan mentality” becomes a daft exercise in the worst kind of circular logic, allowing whites to feel guiltless  about not hiring even the most qualified Blacks because somewhere in their minds, they think that Blacks always have welfare to fall back on, meanwhile Buchanan “types” simultaneously work to reverse affirmative action and nearly exterminating welfare altogether seemingly, one might think, just because Blacks have been so ungrateful after all that white people have done to help.

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