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This year Obama was endorsed by everybody from rednecks to the Nation of Islam. While every endorsement mattered there were several key endorsements that lead to his historic victory.

1. Oprah Winfrey

With 8 millions daily viewers, Oprah was a swing state in herself. If Oprah can get millions of Americans to buy a book, she surely could get them to consider to vote for Barack Obama. Oprah helped Obama win the housewife demographic and  independent woman vote as women of all races and cultures supported him over McCain.

Watch Oprah Endorse Obama

Watch Oprah Celebrate Obama’s Victory

2. Ted Kennedy

When Ted Kennedy endorsed Obama he was passing on the legacy of his brothers onto Obama. Obama is skinny, good looking, smart, and charismatic like John and calculating and articulate like Bobby. The Kennedy connection helped Obama get older voters who remembered Bobby and John and allowed white people to accept him as a Black Kennedy, which helped him transcend race.

Watch Ted Kennedy Endorse Obama

3. Colin Powell

Colin Powell’s endorsement was the crowning of Barack Obama. Not because of his military history or his background in the Republican party, but because of the intelligent, rational manner in which he endorsed Obama.

Watch Powell Endorse Obama

4. Bruce Springsteen

In order for Obama to win the election he needed to secure a good deal of white, working class votes. Bruce Springsteen has been a mouthpiece for the white working class his whole life. By endorsing Obama, Bruce passed on a life time of struggle from a working class man who was represented the white working class in his music.

Watch Bruce Perform at a Voter Registration Rally For Obama

5. Bill Richardson

When Richardson endorsed Obama, he not only broke with the Clintons, but as one of the few major Hispanic politicians, he allowed Obama to reach out to the Hispanic vote.

Watch Richardson Endorse Obama

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