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The historical campaign provided a lot of people to put their take on the election through video editing. Here are some of the most entertaining videos from the election season.

1. Baracky II

By placing Obama as the ultimate American underdog and splicing in news clips and Rocky footage, this clip paints the picture of Obama as the righteous David to McCain’s Goliath.

2. McCain Gets Barack Rolled

For those who don’t know what being Rickrolled is its when someone tricks you into listening to a Rick Astley song, usually ‘Never Gonna Give You Up.’ In this video Obama rickrolls McCain by upstaging McCain’s speech at the RNC with his version of Rick’s song.

3. Obama-McCain Dance-Off

This video is hilarious for the physical comedy as McCain and Obama debate with dance moves. Check for the guest appearance by Sarah Palin.

4. The Empire Strikes Barack

Another good movie parody for Obama complete with music and footage from Star Wars that pits him against his rival in the Democratic primaries, Hillary Clinton.

5. Superbarack.

Done by the same Obamacles people who did Baracky II and The Empire Strikes Barack. These guys are some incredible editors.

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