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Mel Gibson is not the first celebrity caught on tape going crazy and he won’t be the last. Most celebrities aren’t as nice as they seem on TV and a lot of them have issues regarding sex, race and alcohol.

10. Charlie Sheen Vs. Denise Richards

Why are white celebrities always using the n-word to their ex-girlfriends? Sheen is caught on tape calling his ex-wife and the mother of his children  the c-word (rhymes with bunt) and the n-word (1:20 in)

9. Casey Kasem Vs. Producer

Casey may be known for his cool family friendly voice and as the voice of Scooby-Doo’s Shaggy, but he gets a little irritated when things don’t go his way. When a producer tries to segway him into a story, he quickly loses his temper and goes on a curse filled rant.

8. Jesse Jackson Vs. Barack Obama

After Barack Obama won the election in 2008, Jesse Jackson was on TV, crying. Before Obama won the election, Jackson was telling a colleague that Obama was talking down to black people and he wanted to “rip his nuts off.”

7. Alec Baldwin Vs His Daughter

Alec Baldwin is very funny on “30 Rock,” but he has a serious side as well. After having some issues with his daughter, Baldwin decided to leave a very angry voicemail on her answering machine. Family, anger and voicemails are never a good combination. He threatens to straighten her out and calls he a rude thoughtless little pig, despite the fact that she is only 12 years old(he thinks).

6. Kanye West Vs. MTV

This is the rant that started it all. I think all the ones after this were set up but this rant from Kanye came from the heart.

5. Bill O’Reilly Vs. Inside Edition

O’Reilly had a small meltdown on “Inside Edition” after he had some problems with the teleprompter.

4. Mike Tyson Vs. Lennox Lewis

Tyson starts very pious and religious before ranting against Lennox Lewis and threatening to eat his children with his impregnable defense.

3. Christian Bale Vs. Terminator Crew Member

If Christian Bale can rough up his mother and sister, imagine what he would do to a crew member who interrupted him on set. This rant from the set of “Terminator, Salvation” showed just what a temper Batman really had.

2. Mel Gibson Vs. His Girlfriend

Mel Gibson is not only anti-semetic, but he’s a racist and a sexist too. I’m less disturbed by the n-word than by the fact he believes Black people travel in packs like wolves. I bet Danny Glover wouldn’t take any of that language.

1. Michael Richards Vs Heckler

Michael Richards like many of the fellow celebrity ranters like’s to use the n-word when he is angry yet says he’s not a racist. After bombing at a a comedy show and being heckled by some African Americans, the actor known for playing the fun loving eccentric character, Kramer, on “Seinfeld” went on an n-word laced rant.

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