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From GIANTlife:

Yesterday I was found myself a bit surprised when I saw a tweet that linked to an article on the popular tech site Gizmodo titled “Why I Stalk a Sexy Black Woman on Twitter (And Why You Should, Too).” As a Negro my stomach immediately sank. I hadn’t read the article yet but it’s become a good rule that when I see something with that sort of inflammatory title I can bet money that some sort of ignorance is sure to follow. I tried to keep as much of an open mind as I could when I clicked my friends customized url shortener. I then read Joel Johnson’s “creative” explanation as to why diversifying your Twitter stream is a good idea.

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Mr. Johnson gave an example of an experiment he conducted by following a young Black woman. She apparently was Christian, comfortable in her sexuality, and tweets to the Kardashians. After his analysis of her habits he gave us this gem.

“I try not to extrapolate about her culture from just one person’s Twitter stream, but that’s also sort of exactly what makes following a random person so interesting. Are black Christians more open about their sexuality? Young people? Northern people? I’ve just got this single data point, but it’s more than I had before.”

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