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While the NAACP has brought the charge of racism to the Tea Party in the mainstream media, those who have been following my work, know that I have been reporting on the racists in the Tea Party for sometime now. While the Tea Party may not be a racist movement, it has been bastion for racism and a meeting place for racists. Some of these people are part of Neo-Nazi groups, some are brainwashed by Fox News to hate Obama because he is Black and some are just lunatics. Given that there is no central leadership for the Tea Party, there has been no one to answer to these racists. Here are the 5 types of racists you will find in the Tea Party movement.


This guy goes to the white supremacist website Stormfront and worships Hitler, David Duke and Ron and Rand Paul. He hides his racism in order to attract tea party supporters into his white supremacist philosophy. Here is a quote from a white supremacist on Stormfront about the Tea Party.

I’ve attended a few of the Tea Party gatherings and have found quite a few racially aware folks in attendance. I use these gatherings to wake folks up to the ‘Jew’ problem in this country with many leaving say “Hmmm” and following up with me via email for further mentoring on the subject.There are people I met during the Ron Paul campaign who were “clowns”, and now are active White Nationalists. I’m not willing to pass up any opportunity I have to make more of them. It only takes me a few minutes a day to make either subtle or blatant racially-aware posts on forums filled with Tea Partyers. If I make even one new White Nationalist, it was worth it.

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This guy will tell you he’s not a racist and he probably believes it. He is an older, working class white man who is worried about his future and the future of white people. He is brainwashed by Fox News to believe that Obama is a Kenyan born radical Muslim sleeper cell hell bent on destroying America. He is against affirmative action or any programs, organization or politicians that look out for the interests of African Americans or the poor. He will deny that any of the Tea Party signs calling Obama a “lying African,” “welfare thug” or saying that Obama plans to enslave white people are racist.

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The Neo-Con runs the Tea Party and controls its funding and organization. Rather than being part of a new populist movement, he is a GOP veteran with lobbyist ties. He may or may not hate African Americans, but he realizes the only way to get power is to use racism against Obama to his advantage. The old southern strategy of harvesting white working class racism is back and he is more than willing to use it for political power. A prime example of a Neo0Con, is Dick Armey, the Republican veteran who runs Freedom Works, a major Tea Party organizer.

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This guy is more crazy than he is racist. But as we see with Mel Gibson, angry crazy people are often racist too. This guy believes that a New World Order is coming to put patriots in FEMA concentration camps and that Obama is the Anti-Christ head of the Illuminati. He believes that Obama plans on bringing in the Black Panthers, Jeremiah Wright, Saul Alisnky and Bill Ayers to destroy our freedom and become a Nazi, welfare, communist, socialist, fascist state. While more defined by his lunacy than his racism, this guy will use racism to get anybody to believe his conspiracy theories.

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Uncle Ruckus’s comprise the .2% of Tea Partiers that are actually African American. This guy hates Black people and worships white people, despite the fact that he or she is Black. They believe that all Black people are lazy criminals and that Black people should not receive any support from the government, whether it be from social programs,education or affirmative action. This guy worships Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin, while vehemently hating Al Sharpton, the NAACP and Barack Obama.

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