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Since the existence of man, the worst things have always happened to the Black race–and NO I am not talking about Black Republicans or Flavor Flav!

Black people have persevered through countless years of slavery, racism and the crack epidemic.

What possibly could be the worst event the Black race has ever experienced?

The following 10 events will outline the worst events to happen to Black people in history.

1. Colonization: The Scramble for Africa

During the 19th century, European countries saw Africa’s richness in natural resources and decided that it would be a great place to conquer and colonize. Each European country raced to the continent and treated it like a huge buffet table; but perhaps forgot to ask Africa“Are you going to eat that?” The theft of the land included our heritage, resources, history, and was possibly the reason for the rest of the worst events listed.

2. Slavery

After all this, Europeans then decided they needed people to work for them, but for FREE. Enslaved Africans were the first type of slaves in history to be owned by law, and were treated as property that could be sold, beaten, or killed at owners consent. Slavery stripped Black people of common human rights, tore apart societies, and is one of the worst events to ever happen to a group of people.

3. Imposition of Religion

One of the greatest tools of enslaving Africans was Christianity. Their strategy was to send missionaries and militaries to embrace and accept their message as Africans were very religious. What they did not anticipate was the ass-whooping the military had in store for them.

Christianity not only played a role in tricking Africans, it also was used to make whites believe slavery was not a negative act.  White populations were taught that Africans didn’t have souls so many embraced the idea of owning Black people.

4. Institutionalized Racism

If something is law, then it must be right? Right? Of course not. This is evident by what we have witnessed with Jim Crow laws, apartheid, and the numerous other laws that have stripped Blacks of our human rights. Institutionalized racism forced nations to practice bigotry, making an atrocious belief become a foundation of societies. In the United States, institutionalized racism is no longer as evident as it was 60 years ago—considering we don’t talk about the prison system.

5. The AIDS Epidemic


It is believed by many that AIDS was created as a biological weapon to wipe out the Black race, and was administered in polio vaccines to thousands of Africans in the 1950’s and the smallpox vaccine to thousands of Africans in the 80’s.

Despite the validity of these theories, the AIDS epidemic hit Africans and African-Americans hard becoming the number one killer of African-Americans for numerous years. In 2008, an estimated 22.4 million people in sub-Saharan Africa were living with HIV/AIDS.“The Silent Killer” has ravished Black society, as it has also marked us with a label of being sexually irresponsible.

6. The Color Line

In 1903, W.E.B. Dubois stated that the problem of the 20th century is the color-line; a concept dealing with discrimination which exists in politics, academia, and all types of class systems.

In the early 1900s, African-American class systems were created; lighter-skinned people typically went to college, were more accepted and successful, and created elitist societies like the Black Bourgeoisie.

This idea of class systems exists in all races. It is rather prevalent in the Black race because of the clear distinction of skin-tone.

7. The Crack Epidemic

The epidemic hit the U.S. in the 1980’s and devastated Black communities.

Crack became a multi-million dollar illicit industry that ravished Black communities in New Orleans, Philadelphia, New York City, Houston, San Diego, and Baltimore to name a few.  As a result of the rampant drug use, crime skyrocketed and many communities have yet to recover to this day.

8. Invasion and Westernization of Egypt

Does it matter if Cleopatra was Black or White? Yes, it’s crucial to our academic existence. We understand that the Roman’s invaded Egypt, but who actually contributed to the greatest wonder of the world?

White people?

By taking credit for some of the most genius inventions known to man, they have taken away the only evidence of a magnificent BLACK civilization. All the art shows evidence of darker-skinned people, and many historians speculate that the Sphinx’s nose was exploded off to hide the fact that it had African features. We can speculate if Egypt was in fact a Black civilization, but must I remind everyone that Egypt is in Africa.

9. Educational Disparity

African-Americans have had a history of low achievement in the educational system for years. Culture, learning, teaching patterns, importance of education, and prejudice have all contributed to the low levels of achievement. It has also contributed to crime and many other problems that affect the Black community. The stigma of unintelligent Black people has prevailed for years, even with the increasing number of Black intellectuals.

10. Modern Day Genocide

The continent of Africa has been vastly exploited for its resources. That corruption and theft has been a foundation of these new governments who recently gained their independence. Genocide and religious wars have turned countries into uncivil places for anyone. Thousands of people are being enslaved, killed, and exploited for material things non-Africans benefit from like diamonds.



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