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With the SB 1070 immigration bill going into effect tomorrow, we at NewsOne wanted to ask you our readers if you agree or disagree with this bill.

While I believe immigration is a huge issue that needs to be addressed in this country, I feel the law signed by Governor Brewer is unjust.

Currently, the state of Arizona has over 400,00o undocumented immigrants. They have dealt with many issues like increased crime from illegals and drug/human trafficking. But racially profiling people isn’t how you’re going to solve this problem. When this law goes into effect tomorrow, it will be interesting to see how law enforcement handles their new objective. If the cops in the state of Arizona took a real hard approach with this law, the economic impact on this state would be devastating. You also have to take into account the many families who would be broken up by this law.

But the blame for all of this shouldn’t just sit at the head of Brewer, but with our Federal Government. For decades, the Feds have waffled on creating comprehensive immigration reform. Even the current administration, which received close to 70 percent of the Latino vote, has paid this issue lip service. If immigration reform doesn’t come soon, you will see similar laws passed in other states.

In final, this isn’t about President Obama signing a law so Latinos support Democrats in the midterms and him in 2012. This is about confronting an issue head on that previous presidents have cowerd in the face of and doing the right thing. Not only for the undocumented immigrants currently here, but most importantly, for our country as a whole.

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