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Rick Perry is calling on Bill White to apologize for telling a black audience in Dallas that he wanted to be a “servant” leader, while the incumbent governor wanted to be “treated as master.”

Perry campaign aides contend the remarks, made Tuesday and reported by The Dallas Morning News, were racially motivated and designed to fire-up black voters who are sensitive to terms that hark back to slavery.

“Today I am calling on Bill White to immediately apologize to the people of Texas for his insensitive remarks that are nothing more than an attempt to divide our state,” said Perry campaign manager Rob Johnson. “Yesterday, Bill White showed just how low he will go in his race for governor, by making racially motivated remarks attacking Gov. Perry.”

Before the Perry campaign jumped on White’s comment, the former Houston mayor’s aides were quick to point out that “servant leadership,” in a biblical sense, has been a campaign theme that White has pushed before many audiences.

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