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Barack Obama

Naughty or Nice?: Nice

President Obama asked Santa for American unity and progress. He wanted Santa to come down the chimney with a sack full of Change. And, boy, did he get it. While the road ahead is a long, tough one, he’s achieved the previously unimaginable. NewsOne hopes the First Family has a beautiful holiday and a prosperous New Year! GOBAMA!

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John McCain

Naughty or Nice?: Nice

Former presidential candidate, John McCain, wished for the highest office in the nation. Despite his valiant efforts, and sometimes low-grade tactics, he conceded the presidency to Barack Obama on November 4th. We might have hoped he got coal in his stocking, but his gracious and moving concession speech got him a free pass. We hope Santa delivers bundles & bundles of rest & relaxation for the trooper. He’s probably getting a lot of naps in since the election.

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Sarah Palin

Naughty or Nice?: Naughty

I think it’s safe to say that former vice presidential candidate and current Governor of “the great state of Alaska,” Sarah Palin has been a bad little girl this year. Her sheer repugnance and inability to evaluate her own limitations accurately almost put this nation in a very scary place. She wanted to be the first female Vice President and we wanted her to go away. We sure dodged a bullet on that one. She can use all that coal from her stocking to light the fire in her folksy log cabin in Wasilla.

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President Bush

Naughty or Nice?: Naughty

After 8 years of naughtiness, I can’t help but feel a little bad for this guy. He just looks so forlorn nowadays. His pathetic attempts to defend the disastrous invasion of Iraq, the clusterfuck that was the “War on Terror,” and the miserable state in which he left the greatest economy on the planet are all sort of laughable. We’re glad to be rid of him and we hope we never have to see another lame ass “Barney’s Christmas” video ever again.

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Michael Phelps

Naughty or Nice?: Niiiiiiiiiicceeee

Sure, the guy is a little funny looking and kind of a frat-boy-style dope. BUT, who cares? Michael Phelps single-handedly redeemed America’s standing in the international community by winning 8 (yes EIGHT) record-breaking gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. He, quite literally, blew the competition out of the water. His eternal Christmas wish should be guilt-free groupie love for life. “Hey. Yea. I’m Michael Phelps. I won 8 gold medals. Let’s get wet.”

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Lil Wayne

Naughty or Nice?: A little of both

Weezy F Baby had a very interesting year. Despite the recession and album sales dipping across the map, Mr. Carter managed to put out one of the best-selling albums of the year, Tha Carter III. Weezy didn’t let being arrested for gun possession dull his shine. He revealed that he had a new baby momma and has since been nominated for 8 Grammy awards, making himself the most nominated artist this year. Santa might give him a scolding but we think Wayne’s already gotten everything he wanted this Christmas.

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Naughty or Nice?: SO NICE, mmm. But most guys wouldn’t mind her being a little naughty!

What do you give the girl who seems to have everything? Beyonce married the love of her life, Jay-Z, earlier this year and then released a highly anticipated studio album, I Am..Sasha Fierce, which revealed her on-stage persona. She even landed herself on the cover of GIANT magazine! Her top two singles, If I Were A Boy & Single Ladies, prompted a lot of curious men to don leotards and get in on the alter-ego action. Through all the success and happiness, Bey seems to remain humble & grateful, which we hope Santa rewards with lots more future success.

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Corporate CEOs


The big wigs over at AIG, Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers, among others, got greedy and led their companies into bankruptcy, causing a backlash that had ripple effects across the globe. America’s economic meltdown can be blamed squarely on their irresponsible shoulders. Unemployment rates have been the highest they’ve been in over 30 years and average Americans are being forced out of their homes. Meanwhile, these guys are getting massive government payouts paid for by American taxpayers!! Santa, the corporate CEOs don’t deserve anything but coal. And let me get a chunk of that payout cash, while you’re at it.

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Jesse Jackson

Naughty or Nice?: Naughty turned nice

Jesse Jackson has had a tough time with the African-American community believing in him. Nasty rumors of his sycophancy have circulated in the community since the days of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination. He managed to get on everyone’s bad side again, this year, when he threatened to “cut [Obama’s] nuts off.” Not a good look. But I guess he redeemed himself by crying emphatically at Grant Park during Obama’s acceptance speech and for having contributed to the next generation of strong, inspiring African-American leaders by fathering Jesse Jackson, Jr.

WATCH the infamous comment:

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich

Naughty or Nice?: Naughty

I mean, what can you even say? Rod Blagojevich managed to uphold a longtime tradition of back-alley politics in Illinois with his Blago-gate scandal. Cook County has become known as Crook County and it’s no thanks to this guy trying to auction off Barack Obama’s coveted Senate seat. His arrogant and self-congratulatory monologue to the press the day before his arrest, where he chided the FBI for the rumored wiretapping that was being conducted on him, was a hilariously prescient moment in 2008’s news history. How bleep-ing stupid do you have to be?

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Kwame Kilpatrick

Naughty or Nice?: Naughty by nature!

The former Hip Hop Mayor or Detroit found himself in some steaming hot… water this year. His 6 year tenure as mayor of one of the most troubled cities in the country was, itself, marred by controversy. The allegations that landed him felony charges and an ultimate conviction stemmed from a party thrown at the Manoogian Mansion, the official Mayoral residence. Tamara Greene, a stripper who was at the party, was shot 18 times by, as yet, unidentified shooters in a Trailblazer. Kwame Kilpatrick was said to be having an extra-marital affair with this woman. Let’s hope Santa delivers him better judgment.

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