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This Monday’s poll on whether NewsOne readers accept or deny the public apologies has produced interesting results. The poll consisted of 10 questions scored on a dichotomous scale; respondents either choosing “Accept” or “Deny”.

With 97 unique respondents providing 1,307 total responses to the poll, Michael Richards “N-Word” rant apology resulted with 93% of the respondents choosing “Deny”, the most significant amount of apology denials. Don Imus’ apology resulted in 87% “Deny” responses, and Dr. Laura Schlessinger not to far behind with 84% “Deny” responses.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s was the most accepted apology amongst “N-Word” rant responses. The responses for the apologies issued to Shirley Sherrod were nearly split even, 55% choosing to deny. Tiger Wood’s apology also nearly broke even, with 51% of respondents choosing to accept his apology. 84% of respondents denied Officer Johannes Mehserle apology, while 64% denied Detective Marc Cooper’s apology.

Poll Results:

If these results are an indication of our sentiments, why are more people accepting of Dr. Laura Schlessinger than others in the past? In regards to the Sean Bell and Oscar Grant cases, why is Marc Cooper’s apology more accepted? Is genuineness of the apology a stronger factor in your decision?

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