New York– Dr. Laura Schlessinger, the radio therapist who ignited controversy last August with her repeated use of the “N-word” while speaking to an African-American caller on air and subsequently moved from broadcast radio to satellite, said Tuesday: “To call me a racist? That was absurd.”

From TheGrio Radio therapist Dr. Laura Schlessinger speaks with Matt Lauer about her controversial choice to repeatedly reference a racial epithet while speaking to an African-American caller on-air last August. Though it led to her moving from broadcast to satellite radio, she called the incident a blessing in disguise. Visit for breaking news, world […]

Howard Stern weighed in on Dr. Laura Shlessinger’s ‘n-word’ controversy Wednesday morning, calling the conservative talk radio host an “a–hole”.

  The African American woman who called Dr. Laura Schlessinger for advice and heard the radio talk show host use the n-word 11 times said Thursday that she was confused and hurt by the call.

This Monday’s poll on whether NewsOne readers accept or deny the public apologies has produced interesting results. The poll consisted of 10 questions scored on a dichotomous scale; respondents either choosing “Accept” or “Deny”.

White people saying “nigger.” That’s always pleasant right? Saying “nigger” eleven times with head held high? Feels more like a massage. A really racist massage.

On the heels of Dr. Laura’s announcement that she will be quitting her radio show, we wanted to hear from our readers. We at Newsone feel that Dr. Laura made the right decision in giving up her show. While we do understand her first amendment rights, those usually don’t go over as well on the […]

Dr. Laura Schlessinger, who came under fire for repeatedly using the N-word while on-air with a caller, is ditching her show at the end of the year “to regain my First Amendment rights,” she announced Tuesday night.

I was out roaming the streets of east London with a group of friends back in 2007 when we stumbled across this sweaty hipster club tucked between an old church and a bank. It wasn’t a very large space, holding maybe a couple of hundred people, but what it lacked in size was more than […]

All to often we see celebrities, politicians, and corporations make tragic mistakes which offend or harm the people within the Black community.

A Hawaii state lawmaker intends to introduce a symbolic resolution banning the N-word after he heard talk radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger say it on air.