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Woman puts can in a bin.

What was she thinking?

The woman who stopped to pet a cat on the wall, strokes it and then picks it up by the scruff and deftly dumps it in the wheelie bin.

It appears to be the most gobsmacking, astounding, deeply shocking act of random cruelty since … OK, there are lots of acts of random cruelty involving humans on humans every day, but this was somebody’s pet, for Pete’s sake. Who would do such a thing?

A quick disclaimer here: I have no special qualification to pronounce on this topic. I am a cat-owner, and though not an especially doting or committed one, never a cruel one. I also have a daughter named Lola, which name happens to be shared by this cat, belonging to a couple in Coventry. Otherwise, I have no special interest, connection or expertise to comment on this story. But just like a lot of other people – judging from reactions this morning – I am appalled and fascinated in equal measure.

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