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The House campaign of Democrat Rick Waugh says an African American couple in Louisa, Virginia, found a plastic sign in their yard defaced last night. I’m no expert in handwriting, but it looks to me like whoever did this came very, very close to spelling their racist graffiti wrong. Anyone else think the second “G” seems like it came this close to being another “E”?

Waugh is challenging Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) this fall. Waugh’s camp has been all over Cantor about the Civil Rights Act of 1964, specifically for his initial non-stand on Rand Paul’s refusal to say whether he supports it.

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Campaign manager Brian Umana notes that candidate Barack Obama got 46 percent of the vote in rural Louisa County, home to 32,000 people. Umana says Waugh, who lives there and who’s white, has had the same racist epithet shouted at him while shopping in the local grocery store — maybe because he has an Obama sticker on his car. Cantor and Paul are out of touch, Umana argues. “These guys act like it’s an abstraction, that racism’s a thing of the past,” he says. “They at least are indifferent to what the situation is on the ground.”

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