Loyal fans of Chris Cuomo will be happy to know that his fiery on-air TV persona is not an act, as shown in a viral video surrounding the name, "Fredo."


It would be nice if the N-word was treated with the discretion of a curse word yet properly acknowledged as a cursed word.

The University of New Hampshire's Alpha Phi Sorority sparked outrage after using the n-word while rapping to Kanye West's "Gold Digger" in a controversial video.


A man, who is White, is facing a hate crime charge after allegedly hurling the N-word at a Black security guard and hitting him with a bottle at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York last week.

In the town of Clinton, La., a white 54-year-old man was arrested and charged with a hate crime and an additional misdemeanor charge after he cornered a 12-year-old Black boy and unleashed a racially-charged tirade. Ronnie Barnes is accused of pulling down the boy’s pants inside a gas station and using the “n-word” to address […]

Natassia “Kreayshawn” Zolot, a white rapper from Oakland, California is defending the use of the “n-word” in a Twitter post, saying that everybody uses the word where she grew up, according to

Broward County, Florida– A school board chairwomen has admitted to using a derogatory slur in front of colleagues in 2007. According to reports filed about the incident, while serving as a Transportation specialist, Ann Murray referred to the upper deck seating at Sun Life Stadium as “n—- heaven.” ALSO READ: Justin Bieber, Rihanna Team Up […]

Waterbury, Connecticut– A controversial play that uses the “N-word” will go on in Waterbury, Connecticut.

NEW YORK — Mark Twain was the kind of man who might tell an off-color joke, then grievously apologize, who wrote stories and essays he knew would offend and kept others private for the same reason.

The House campaign of Democrat Rick Waugh says an African American couple in Louisa, Virginia, found a plastic sign in their yard defaced last night. I'm no expert in handwriting, but it looks to me like whoever did this came very, very close to spelling their racist graffiti wrong. Anyone else think the second "G" seems like it came this close to being another "E"?

White people saying “nigger.” That’s always pleasant right? Saying “nigger” eleven times with head held high? Feels more like a massage. A really racist massage.