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Written By Ryan Mack, President of Optimum

In the land of democracy, governed by the rule of law, it is crucial that we keep tabs on those who are creating the legislation that dictates much of the activity in our lives. Much of this country’s path has been determined by who we vote for and how they perform in office.

However, the “record” voter turnout for the most recent Presidential election of 2008 was only 56.8%. That is almost half this country didn’t even care to participate in the process that can help determine the size of their social security check, how much they will pay in taxes, which businesses will receive funding, and many other issues. During the mid-term elections the turnout number was even lower at 37.1%!

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It is definitely important to vote, but we must also make sure we don’t fall asleep at the wheel and hold our elected officials accountable. I live in Brooklyn, New York the best way to find out what my elected officials are up to is to ask them personally. I started with my Congressman of the 10th Congressional District of Brooklyn, New York who is Congressman Ed Towns. I taped our conversation so not only I could be informed of his views, positions, and activity…but I felt everyone should be informed as well. I also wrote 10 of his most noteworthy decision he has done this year alone. He has definitely kept very busy and I not only thank him for the interview, but also for the tremendous amount of service he has provided my community.

I urge all to make sure they take the time to become informed of the activity of your local politicians because so much is decided in our communities from the decisions and the aftermath of the voter booth. I challenge all of you to find out, “What has YOUR Congressman done for you lately?!?!”

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