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Unbeaten, six-time champion Floyd Mayweather has apologized for his recently made, racially charged video rant aimed at Filipino star and seven-time titlist Manny Pacquiao, using the same Ustream format to do so on Friday, according to a report from Mark Vester at

In the video, Mayweather, at times, refers to Pacquiao as “Poochiao,” saying that he will “cook that yellow chump,” that he will “kick the midget a**,” and “cook him up with some barbecued dog.”

Among the comments made by Mayweather was also the assertion that Pacquiao may be using steroids. On the issue of steroids, Mayweather said, “This mother f-**kerr’s name is Emmanuel. He got a fake name, taking power pellets.”

On Friday, however, Mayweather said that he “didn’t really mean” any of it.

“I do want to apologize for what happened the other night. I want to apologize to everybody because everybody thought that it was a racist comment that I said. I don’t have a racist bone in my body. I have nothing but love for everybody,” said Mayweather.

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