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If you’re a regular viewer of the nightly news or even Fox’s ‘Cops’, you may be aware of the extent to which police brutality can impact the day-to-day lives of members of marginalized communities, irrespective of the lack of physical danger they might pose to the police. NewsOne has profiled similar cases of police brutality in recent times, provoking heated debate about the rights of the police and those they seek to protect.

A recently released video from Australia  has caused outrage over the use of Taser guns as an alternative to the hand weaponry with which Australian policemen and women have traditionally been armed.

The video, released by the West Australian Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC), shows two policemen as they stun the inebriated man 8 times. Their coworkers, seen observing the incident, do not react to the unprovoked attack which included an additional 5 taser strikes off camera.

The two officers in question have been fined AU$1,200 and AU$750 respectively for their unjust use of Taser guns, sparking outrage in Australia about the inefficiencies of internal police investigations and, more broadly, the intersection of police brutality with the social issues faced by members of Australia’s marginalized indigenous community, namely substance abuse and violence.

Tasers are only permitted to be used by members of the West Australian Police Force in situations of danger or serious injury.

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