'Black Snow' is a six-part drama on Stan. Isabel “Izzy” Baker is murdered on the way home from her school formal.

Social media users were not clear if the person at the center of a viral internet story -- Quaden Bayles -- was actually a boy or a grown man participating (or being used) in a lucrative internet hoax.

An Australian's shady ties to Black Lives Matter.

Tennis icon Martina Navratilova, who is openly gay, wrote an open letter to the Margaret Court Arena on Thursday morning saying that sporting venues named for athletes or persons of note should take into consideration “who they are as human beings.”

President Trump fumed in a phone call with Australia's leader. Trump wants to shut down a refugees transfer agreement.

Viewers of an Australian talk show learned that some of their White neighbors and media personalities are perfectly fine with calling Black people "negroes."


Hundreds of people lost their lives in Saudi Arabia Wednesday during a stampede near the city of Mecca. Nearly two million people are in the city observing hajj pilgrimage, one of the world’s biggest annual gatherings. According to the Saudi Civil Defense, the incident took place when two big groups of pilgrims arrived at Street 204 […]

In Australia, the Dunghutti Aboriginal People are made up of eight tribal groups that reside in the continent’s Macleay Valley region. Their way of life was disrupted by White settlers, and they eventually lost rights to their land. However, the Native Title Act of 1993 gave way to the Dunghutti people to become the first group […]


What better way for a young, privileged White woman to ring in her 21st birthday than with a racist party full of stereotypical, ignorant depictions of Africa, white men in Blackface, and jovial Klansmen? That’s exactly what a young Australian woman did, but when she posted the pictures on social media, she didn’t quite get […]


An Australian man who set up cameras in his house to catch paranormal activity got another scare, when he instead caught his 28-year-old girlfriend having sex with his 16-year-old son…on camera, according to the Mercury News. SEE ALSO: Nearly 60 North Carolinians Arrested In Growing Protests After initially confronting his girlfriend about the October 2012 […]

Australia is ready to make some historic changes to its 200-year-old constitution by requesting its citizens to approve a clause that recognizes Aborigines as the country’s first occupants. SEE ALSO: Black Movies At Sundance Festival In a report handed to the country’s prime minister, Julia Gillard, an expert panel made up of 19 indigenous leaders, politicos, […]

NewsOne’s Jayson McNamara returned to his home city Brisbane, Australia to report about an important but often undervalued aspect to Australian society – its Indigenous heritage. He visited the Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts and Aboriginal Fine Art Gallery to give us an insight into the current condition of contemporary Indigenous culture. He filed this […]