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Barack Obama has proven that he has a sweet left-handed jumper, but with news that he’s going to appear in the new “NBA Jam” video game alongside other political powerhouses, some might be starting to wonder: how will the President dunk on Sarah Palin?

Trey Smith: We took it a little bit further than the original because we have 40 legendary players. A lot of these characters have never been in “Jam” before, like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. The other legends that we got in the game are everybody’s favorite players from the original game like David Robinson, John Starks and Patrick Ewing, John Stockton and Karl Malone. The original best two-player teams that we were able to bring back.

Then on the political front, we found that it’s pretty fun to take these politicians and add them in the game and not take them so serious. Instead of talking about all of these serious world issues, it’s kind of fun to see the lighter side of politics. And just like we have the dunk faces of the NBA players where we grabbed high-resolution pictures of their game faces, we did the same thing with the politicians. We found these pictures that showed off the emotion of all of these politicians, and some of them are classic. Dick Cheney has the Darth Vader snarl. Obama makes some great faces, and the politician dunk faces are some of the best dunk faces in the entire game.

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Sarah Palin is hilarious in the game. She has a beehive haircut and a helicopter dunk that is just awesome. She also makes some pretty funny faces in the photos. It’s just good, clean fun. We even made logos for the Republicans and Democrats, where the donkey is this bad-ass donkey with a Mohawk, and the Republicans have this cool elephant. In the beginning, we were just trying to be true to “Jam,” but on the flip side, it’s really cool to put this in there. Ever since we announced this game, people wanted Bill Clinton to be back. They knew that Obama was a baller, so they wanted him in the game. It’s just this perfect storm for us and we couldn’t be happier to include all of these characters in the game.

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