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By Courtenay Escoffery

One word… Jordan! I love playing these games, but never really shell out 60 bucks for them so I end up playing the title a year late or so. Probably not this time. The “NBA 2K” Franchise has been markedly improving everyear – even downloading relevant stats in real-time, but Jordan has always been missing. The fact that he’s been absent for so long makes this moment sweeter, plus there will be some other oldies as well!

Count me in this round.

(This game was released last week)

I know what you’re thinking…”Not again with the old/young snake.” Well, doesn’t look like Liquid or Solid snake will be in this one (not that there probably won’t be a cameo) but it looks like you’ll be playing as Raiden. Not only is Raiden cool as an icebox, you get to use his sword that can cut anything. Let me repeat that…ANYTHING. Stop reading now and watch the video.

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