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If you’re over 25, you almost certainly remember the time that Michael Jackson appeared on television in that vivid red button-down to express how he’d been humiliated at the hands of the police following his first pedophilic sexual molestation charge.

“They served a search warrant on me which allowed them to view and photograph my body including my penis…” sounded particularly cringe-inducing coming from the King of Pop.

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Farve, apparently in no mood to wait for a search warrant has, if we’re to believe former New York Jets sideline reporter Jen Sterger, gone and played cop with himself, taking his own naked crotch shots and then texting them out to Sterger.

Favre did this to impress Sterger (I’m guessing) unless you’ve actually seen the photographs in question and then you, like me, probably have no idea at all why he did it.

The bottom line is this: if these accusations prove true, Favre’s conduct is certainly unbecoming a football player, especially in league commissioner Roger Goodell’s new NFL, the one that touts itself on being particularly harsh on any infraction of law or morality.

Remember, it was Goodell that came down extra hard on Michael Vick after Vick was convicted for dog fighting. Goodell suspended Vick for three games after Vick served a two and a half year jail term.

Imagine: a league that allows meat to be served in its stadiums while fans root for the Lions to kill the Bears and the players toss a leather football back and forth actually takes a hard stance against animal cruelty.

Also, it was Goodell that suspended Adam (Pacman) Jones for an entire season because of he-say-she-say accusations that related from a strip club shooting.

Now we’ve got Brett Farve, a married man, certainly acting indecently and indeed actually sexually harassing a coworker since he was a member of the New York Jets at the time that the photos were allegedly sent to Sterger.

So Goodell must have Favre stripped down, paraded naked, photographed and disgraced not because any of us want to see the great quarterback naked (again), but because in a world where Shirley Sherrod gets fired for being quoted out of context, all accusations must now be greeted as genuine fact until proven otherwise.

Then again, Jen Sterger is a woman.

And the NFL has no respect at all for women.

Heck, for forcibly raping two of them, Ben Roethlisberger got suspended for only one more game than Mike Vick got for dog fighting.


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