Brett Favre

The consequences are unfolding for Brett Favre over his role in the Mississippi welfare scandal.

SiriusXM is the latest radio station to suspend Brett Favre's show amid accusations he is involved in a welfare fraud scandal in Mississippi.

The widening Mississippi welfare scandal spotlights the state's food stamp recipients.

Critics on social media claimed news coverage of Celtics coach Ime Udoka eclipsed that of Brett Favre and the Mississippi welfare crisis, but is that true?

New proof bolstered the suggestion that former Gov. Phil Bryant helped channel at least $5 million into a project for Brett Farve.

I’m not, by any stretch of the imagination, a prude but even I’ve been absolutely mortified by the seemingly sanctioned deviant sexual behavior of white men in the NFL. Yes, I know that it’s a stretch to consider this behavior “sanctioned”, but since it hardly goes punished, it’d be tough to argue that it’s frowned […]

they should even make him throw on the red button-up.

Tia Robbins, wife of St. Louis Rams player, Fred Robbins has started a company, Off The Market, that is designed to keep athletes faithful. I’m not sure how it works, but here is the report from CNBC. When people realize that Tia Robbins’ husband plays professional football, they often ask her how she deals with […]

Brett Favre nude pictures have been leaked on the internet. He allegedly sent the pictures to Jets to Jenn Sterger, who was a TV reporter with the Jets at the time when he was playing there. He also left several voicemails. Apparently he sent pictures of his penis to her cell phone. He supposedly first […]

To no one’s surprise, Brett Favre is back with the Minnesota Vikings and practicing with the team. The legendary QB, who led the team to the NFC Championship basically salvaged everything from their record to ticket sales this upcoming season with his announcement. Only question is: “Will he stay healthy?” Carmelo Anthony has become next […]