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Bakari Kitwana speaks with Dr. Ron Daniels, President of the Institute for the Black World 21st Century, about the midterm elections and what’s at stake for African Americans this election season.

Daniels, who was Deputy Campaign Manager for Jesse Jackson’s 1988 historic presidential run, speaks about key races to watch, such as the dynamic Senate race in Florida, involving Kendrick Meek. He emphasizes that despite dissatisfaction with President Obama’s failure to create programs that target the state of emergency in Black America, we can’t afford to sit on the sidelines. “We fail to march on ballot boxes on November 2 at our own peril,” says Daniels “The alternative is Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin running the United States. That’s not a good option for Black people.”


Ron Daniels is the President of the Institute of the Black World 21st Century and Distinguished Lecturer at York College City College of New York. The former Director For Constitutional Rights, he was the Deputy Campaign Manager for Jessie Jackson’s 1988 Presidential Campaign.

Bakari Kitwana is CEO of Rap Sessions, Editor at Large of and author of the forthcoming Hip-Hop Activism in the Obama Era. (Third World Press, 2010)

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