Kendrick Meek

Rep. Kendrick Meek said it was “absolutely not true” that he ever agreed to any kind of deal with former President Bill Clinton to drop out of the Florida Senate race, in an interview shortly before 9 p.m. ET Thursday with CNN contributor Roland S. Martin.

Bakari Kitwana speaks with Dr. Ron Daniels, President of the Institute for the Black World 21st Century, about the midterm elections and what’s at stake for African Americans this election season.

In our second interview of our Florida Senate race series, Newsone writer Farayi Chideya interviews the only African-American in the race, Democratic nominee Kendrick Meek. Congressman Kendrick Meek met us straight after getting off of a plane from New York, where he’d been fund-raising for his Senate race with President Bill Clinton, a longtime supporter. […]

Post-Labor Day general election ad season in Florida kicks off today with new spots from two of the Senate race’s three candidates. And party identity — not to mention overall campaign strategy — is front and center.

Roland Martin appears on Rick’s List with host Rick Sanchez to discuss the intriguing three-way Florida Senate race between Republican Marco Rubio, Independent Charlie Crist and Democrat Kendrick Meek. WATCH: Roland Martin breaks down Florida’s three-way Senate Race. Also check out the Pictures of the Week gallery: RELATED: VIDEO: Roland Martin Talks NAACP vs. Tea […]

Four-term Rep. Kendrick Meek defeated real estate billionaire Jeff Greene in Florida's Democratic Senate primary, the Associated Press reported. Meek will go on to a general election fight with Republican Marco Rubio and Republican-turned-Independent Charlie Crist.

A new poll released on Monday by Quinnipiac University shows Kendrick Meek with a 10 point lead in tomorrow’s Democratic primary for a Florida U.S. Senate seat.

The level of political discourse in the Democratic Senate primary boils down to: Your celebrity friends are low lifes. Response: So’s your mom.

Kendrick Meek faces numerous questions in his quest for Florida’s U.S. Senate seat. Can he survive a primary challenge by billionaire Jeff Greene? Can a little known Congressman from Miami beat a Republican star (Marco Rubio) and a popular sitting governor (Charlie Crist)?

In a new Quinnipiac University poll of likely Democratic primary voters, Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-Miami) has moved ahead of contender Jeff Greene in the highly-contested race for Florida’s Democratic nomination for Senate. With the Aug. 24 primary less than a week away, the poll puts Meek in the lead at 35 – 28 percent, with […]

Back in April, I asked rhetorically why Florida Senate candidate Kendrick Meek had earned so little respect from analysts and pundits. I was thinking mostly of the one-on-one general election contest then looming between Democrat Meek and likely Republican nominee Marco Rubio.

From The national struggle for the soul of the Republican Party has now moved to Florida’s Senate race. And the battleground reveals with great clarity the mounting conflict between party loyalty, ideology and ambition.