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Sarah Palin has a new book. In the book she ignores to mention the fact that for a good deal of her political career, she was a member of  or closely affiliated with a radical secessionist Alaskan political party known as the AKIP. In this picture, Palin is holding a brochure with the title Con-Con Call.  This is short for the Constituitional Convention, an AKIP event. I believe the man in the picture is Joe Vogler, the founder of the AKIP. According to the New York Times, Vogler was killed in a plastic explosives deal gone wrong. Why did he want plastic explosives?

Here are a few quotes from the founder of the party, Joe Vogler:

‘The fires of hell are frozen glaciers (or cool breezes, per the Chairman of the Party, Lynette Clark) compared to my hatred for the American government.’

‘I’m an Alaskan first. Not an American. I have no use for America and her damned institutions.’

Palin tried to cover up her association with AKIP, even proposing to lie about her husband’s membership in the group to McCain advisers. Still Palin’s connections to the group are deeper than just being the wife of a member. For years members of the group considered her a member.

Here’s Video Evidence that Palin Was Sympthetic to if not a Member of AKIP

Former head of the AKIP, Mark Chryson, who seems to be a genuine right wing lunatic, had kind words to say about Palin ‘I have known her for over 15 years, been in her house and have had numerous conversations with her, in person, on the phone both for personal issues as well as political issues.’

Last year, I interviewed the head of the AKIP about Palin’s involvement. They seemed very uneasy and said they had received death threats and threatening letters regarding the situation. When I asked if Sarah Palin was a member, they said they thought she was until someone told them she wasn’t. When I asked who told them she wasn’t a member, they said they couldn’t reveal their source. When I asked if Sarah Palin was ever ‘sympathetic’ to their cause, they said, ‘no comment’.

They clearly seemed too afraid to speak and seemed, clearly, to be hiding something. If she was not member of the AKIP, she was definitely pallin’ around with them.

Below is a transcript from my interview with the Chairman of the AKIP, Lynette Clark(LC)

CG: Why did you change the website?

LC: I am telling you that as chairman of this party, when this all blew, and I realized that it was incorrect information, I submitted a press release. I made the changes to the site.

CG: Did she attend the convention? Did Sarah Palin attend any conventions?

LC: She was (sigh) — you guys muckrake all over the place.

CG: I’m just curious. I’m investigating…

Anon: She attended the 2006 Convention which was held in Wassilla, and it was a state-wide convention which is a bi-annual function.

CG: Okay.

LC: She took up the invitation that was given to all gubernatorial candidates which we have done for many years to have them come and speak to our memberships. It’s so we can have an idea of who these candidates are and what they stand for.

CG: In 2008, she had a video address. Correct?

LC: In 2008 she sent the convention — which was held here in Fairbanks, and you cannot attribute Dexter’s comment to that convention because that’s not when she was there…

CG: Have you had any contact with Sarah Palin or John McCain?

LC: I’ve had no contact from the McCain camp……. I apologized too for my misspeaking and I’ve been getting slammed with everything, including death threats.

CG: That’s horrible.

LC: That is bad. And since our first chairman was kidnapped and murdered, I don’t take threats lightly.

CG: No I know. I heard about the Joseph Vogler thing and it’s another thing I’d like to ask about. NY Times did say he was killed in a plastic explosives deal gone bad. I know NY Times.

LC: NY Times don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

CG: Okay, that’s why I’m contacting you guys.

LC: He was shot in the back of the head with a bullet lodged in the left side of his jaw.

CG: Could you give me some background on that?

LC: Ask the Alaska state troopers about that.

CG: So what was the motivation for you taking it off? Just because of …you didn’t like seeing Sarah Palin being slandered?

LC: The motivation of taking what off? All I did was add to that page, and what I added to that page was factual. What’s factual is “Welcome to the home of the Alaskan Independence Party. Update September 3rd, 2008.” And it has been brought to our attention that there is a counterfeit site.

CG: In terms of your philosophy…I’d like to run some quotes by you. Vogler? Is that correct? I believe he said something to the effect of “the fires of hell are glaciers of ice compared to my hatred of the U.S.”

LC: That is an absolutely incorrect quote from Mr. Vogler.

CG: So why is it on your website?

LC: “The fires of hell would be COOL BREEZES…”

CG: Cool breezes, I’m sorry.

LC: Cool breezes — it was a video — cool breezes compared to what the founding fathers tried to build of this country. Listen to it a little closer. And that hatred for the American government is about fascism.

CG: And this is a quote I have from your website, it says: “I am an Alaskan first, not an American. I have no use for America or her damned institutions.”

LC: Yup. Yup. That’s true. Because those institutions are corporate partnerships that the government — and that is the finite definition of fascism.

CG: So Dexter believed he heard from friends that she was a member?

LC: Both of us did. Over a year ago.

CG: You heard it as well that she used to be a member?

LC: Both of us over a year ago were told.

CG: Were told that she was a member…

LC: By an individual that we knew and trusted.

CG: When did you find out that she wasn’t a member?

LC: I am not involved in that because there’s enough sewer laying around that.

CG: So no one can divulge who told she wasn’t a member?

LC: I know who it was. I’m not going to divulge it myself.

CG: But you could say who DID say she was a member. Can I talk to that person?

LC: No I’m not going to tell you who said that.

CG: But Todd Palin was a member from 1995-2002?

Anon: That’s what was on T.V. That’s what the Division of Elections says.

CG: Right.

LC: Because that’s where we get our information.

CG: So they say that Todd Palin was a member but Sarah Palin…

LC: Was not.

LC: Because she didn’t vote but did you feel like she was sympathetic to any of your views?

LC: I’m not going to comment on that.

CG: Why not?

LC: Because it turns into a bunch of garbage again.

CG: Okay. I’m just curious. I’m trying to get objective things. I actually don’t have any problem with you guys wanting to secede from the Union.

LC: We don’t wanna secede from the Union. What we want is what we were entitled to and that is a plebiscite, which is an archaic word for a vote. As Alaska came into the Union we were classified by the United Nations as a non-self-governing territory. And within that classification, there was a criterion of the United Nations that said that once these territories — and this was at attempt to end colonialism throughout the world and not just the United States but other major countries like France, Britain etc. who had colonies –but when those territories had reached a level within the criteria of self-government, we were required to be given a ballot that didn’t just say statehood up or down. It said that we were supposed to have four choices and that’s on the website.

CG: I’ve researched you guys and I don’t think you’re a bad organization.

LC: It’s our own political destiny that we should as Americans, period, have a right to. I’m trying to end the conversation, only because I have some place to go to.

CG:. I just want to know who told you she wasn’t a member.

LC: I’m not going to tell you that.

CG: You’re not going to tell me? Why not?