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Of all my super intelligent friends, only me and my buddy N’Gai Croal have been rocking with Antoine Dodson from Day 1.

Our arguments in favor of the man that has become an internet sensation have been virtually the same: here’s a guy that was rightfully outraged that his sister had been attacked and nearly raped and his response was, well, emotional to say the least.

The response of a greater part of the Black community to Antoine was, well, I think the word “mixed” might be the most fair.

Now, whether you agree with me and N’Gai, or if you’re on the side of the argument that suggest that Mr. Dodson is a disgrace that reinforces negative stereotypes about Black people—Black men in particular—allow me to offer a few more things to consider.

If you listen closely to Mr. Dodson’s tone in the news clip (not the video produced by those two white boys that turned the whole thing into a really catchy song), you can easily detect that Mr. Dodson is not only outraged about the attempted rape of his sister, but also at the conditions in which he and his family live.

The line, “We have a rapist in Lincoln Park,” is a shot at, not a shout-out to his hood.

Then later, when he challenges the attempted rapist with the now famous “You don’t have to come and confess, we’re looking for you. We’re gonna find you.” He’s subtly expressing a frustration and lack of faith in American law enforcement that every Black American should be familiar with.

Then there’s the issue of Mr. Dodson’s sexually which, though unknown, seems heavily implied.

He’s “sweet” to say the least.

And while I know or know of more than a few “sweet” dudes that are actually hetero (Walter Payton, Mike Tyson, Prince, ect) and I also know or know of a few really thugged-out homosexuals, I will say this: gay or not, I’d much rather have that “sweet” Mr. Dodson coming to have my back if there’s beef than some macho prick that runs in the opposite direction at the first sign of trouble.

I’m happy that Mr. Dodson has profited so well from the download proceeds of that catchy song that he bought his family a house.

That means that he doesn’t have to complain about living in Lincoln Park anymore.

Now if he could only do something that would straighten out American law enforcement and at the same time, modernize the often archaic opinions of his own people, he’d really be on to something!