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A new video game called “Enslaved” is being criticized for its racial undertones. In the Game a futuristic slave called “Monkey” protects a female who enslaves him. Kyle Harvey from the Grio writes:

The protagonist is not decisively black (Monkey is more of a tan complexion), but does it matter? The premise alone raises enough eyebrows to warrant a serious debate. I went on to a few video game message boards to see if I was alone in my discomfort. Unsurprisingly, I was not. Walking in the shoes of the oppressed has been done before but not quite like this. The video game fan in me may choose to play Enslaved, but the black man that I am can’t overlook the thinly veiled racial undertones.

I wonder if this game would be on the shelves if the main character’s skin were a few shades darker. Monkey is a big hulking brute who uses his fists (and a stick) to bash away his foes that have automatic guns to bring him down. His main role in the adventure is to keep his ‘partner’ alive only when his physical presence is needed. This kind of relationship of reminds me more of the Driving Miss Daisy variety than Lethal Weapon. You’re reward for assisting Trip is that you get to live and you have your freedom papers and nothing else.

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