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Sites from The Huffington Post to Gawker have done scathing stories on the so-called “Google Blacklist,” but perhaps no site should be more disgruntled than TheBVX. Now that all the other top sites have touched on the issue, it’s time for the African American perspective. But first some background.

In case you haven’t heard, Google recently released Google Instant, a function of the search engine that will bring up results automatically as you are typing. Basically, the program behind the search engine will populate the page as you type in real time based on popular searches that match the first few letters of your search term. That is — some search terms.

There is a plethora of search terms for which Google Instant will NOT respond. You can type in the words or phrases, and what you will get is a blank screen. Users have to actually click the search button to get the results to come up — no big deal, right? Google is just practicing a certain level of sensible censorship we assume. Well, we have assumed wrong. The list of terms that don’t bring up automatic search results, thus connoting a certain shame to related sites, seems to be only vaguely related to a real-word sense of what is offensive. And the terms related to racial stereotypes and sites for African Americans, for the most part, miss the mark.

So what words are on this Google Blacklist? First let’s take the ones that make sense:


-white power





-stormfront (a popular white power site)


-two girls one cup

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