Yesterday Kanye West debuted his 30 minute film “Runaway” on BET.  To some the abstract film “ambitious”, some “confusing”, and some loved the film all together.


“It was interesting. I thought he exposed a lot of things that were worth exposing. It was very different,” Alex Valls told MTV News. “The whole platform is awesome: It opens up a lot of interesting dialogue, what exactly was going on, what he was exploring. It’s different and it’s cool. I liked it, it was unique.”

“It was hands-down amazing … very creative, very inspirational, simply amazing,” Colin Witt added. “I was very impressed.”

Much like earlier audiences — who described “Runaway” as “abstract” and “very loose” — many in Los Angeles noted the film’s artistic and avant-garde quality. But they were quick to add that, really, what they liked best about it was that at no point did it not feel like a Kanye West project. After all, his ambition is what they admire most about him.

“I thought the movie was excellent, very visually arresting, there’s a lot of exciting imagery in there. … [It’s] very explosive, it’s Kanye, you know? It’s what you’d expect from Kanye,” Conan Milne said. “It’s artistic, it’s poignant. There’s some great moments in there. It’s definitely worth seeing. [And] it’s great to hear so much of the album … the music’s epic; it’s definitely befitting the imagery.”

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